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Domination by Trample Temptress
Trample Temptress is here and she is wearing her new over knee leather boots. And she is looking so hot dressed in leather. The slave bought these boots for her of course. There is not much trampling in this clip, but you can enjoy very good close up...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 17.11.2016

Miss Melanie brutal withe high heels mules trample
Savage full body trample, brutal cock and balls trample, extreme full weight face trample, arms torture, brutal belly torture Under the withe high heels mules of our brutal sexy Model Miss Melanie...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 17.11.2016

Twins Will Inflate Your Mattress - Part 1
Twins play with a man. They have a fun with jumping on his chest using ass. When younger of them is jumping older from sis has feet in pantyhose on his face. Every time when man must take a breath he must smell stinky pantyhose....
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 16.11.2016

Trampling in the Bedroom with Mistress Clarissa
The bedroom is usually for sleeping but Mistress Clarissa has other plans. Playful and cruel Mistress enjoys riding her slave around like a pony whilst laughing as he struggles. She then proclaims him to be 'a rubbish pony in an imperious tone and gi...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 15.11.2016

Miss Asera savage boots trample and CBT
Brutal full body trample, extreme full weight face trample, brutal body torture, cock and balls trample full weight, brutal CBT, cock crushing, brutal cock stomping under the boots of our brutal Ebony Model Miss Asera...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 15.11.2016

Lady Deina - Walking On Your Face! - Facetrampling and Facemelting
Lady Deina loves to walk on the slave's face. Really. She gets enthusiastic to do it, she even gets poetic when speaks about it, how she enjoys the feeling of the slave's face crushed under her feet, the balance that she has standing on it and the po...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 15.11.2016

Mistress Clarissa Stiletto Trampling
Seductive and cruel mistress Clarissa dressed in pvc and the sharpest of stilettos toys with her Slave taking her time to trample him with her sharp heels, moving between treading and bouncing on his chest and reclining to use her heels to torture hi...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 14.11.2016

Lady Gabriella - 'Sexy Sadistic Dancer' - You Are My Dancing Carpet! - BRUTAL Trampling And Facestanding In Pantyhose
Lady Gabriella loves to dance, she is advanced already in modern dancing and she follows classes in the best school. She is back from the class in her sexy outfit, full of energy and she puts some music and starts to dance. But the boyfriend of her m...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 14.11.2016

Tritte mit Converse - Ich hatte Spaß
Jetzt werde ich ein bisschen Spaß haben - auf Kosten des Sklaven natürlich! Ich habe ihm eine Zielscheibe auf sein T-Shirt gemalt und jetzt gibt's Zielübungen! Immer und immer wieder trifft die harte Gummisohle meiner Chucks seine Brust und seinen...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 14.11.2016

Miss Elise extreme high heels boots trample & busting
Savage full body trample, extreme ballbusting, savage cock and balls trample, extreme full weight jumping, extreme body busting, savage heeks stomping with our extreme sexy Goddess Miss Elise...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 13.11.2016

Lady Carolina - 'After Party Effects' - CASTING Trampling And Facestanding (Guest Star Anastasia)
We introduce the superbeautiful fitness model and natural born Domina, the amazing Carolina! She is 19 years old, college student and fitness model, a very smart and dominant personality and an amazing style! Carolina is the best friend of Anastasia ...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 13.11.2016

Eingewickelter Sklave mit High Heels getrampelt
Ich habe den Sklaven komplett in Frischhaltefolie eingewickelt - jetzt kann er sich gar nicht mehr bewegen. Ich trage ein richtig kurzes Kleid, eine schwarze Strumpfhose und sexy High Heels - mit extrem dünnen Absätzen! Er sollte dankbar sein, mich...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 13.11.2016

Miss Irina brutal flip-flops trample and CBT
Savage full body trample, extreme full weight face trample, brutal body trample, extreme cock and balls jumping, extreme cock and balls destruction, ballbusting, savage cock and balls stomping Under the flip-flops of our brutal sexy Goddess Miss Irin...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 12.11.2016

Lady Ingrid - 'Bad Romance' - BRUTAL Trampling (Guest Star: Lady Laura)
In this job we do, we have many nice surprises! A great one is Lady Ingrid! She is a very beautiful tiny and natural blond girl, half German and half Magyar. Lady Laura came for shooting today and she said that her best friend has a problem, she caug...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 12.11.2016

Tactic games 8
Every wvar has the strategies. Every battle has tactics. For the battle you need warriors. We got the site and girls' soldiers ready to fight against the enemy. Every clip is a battle where the girls always win. This time the warriors are Maddy, Meg ...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 11.11.2016

brutal full body trample, savage body jumping, extreme ballbusting, extreme body busting, savage body kicks, savage hands trample, full weight throat crushing, savage face trample, arms trample under the shoes of our 2 new sexy Ebony model Miss Ludop...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 10.11.2016

Miss Asera extreme high heels trample and CBT
Savage full body trample, extreme body torture, brutal face trample, full weight body jumping, brutal face trample, extreme body torture savage full weight cock and lals trample, extreme cock torture, and extreme cock crushing Under the killer high h...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 09.11.2016

Miss Katarina extreme sharp high heels punishement
Extreme full body trample, savage face trample, extreme body torture, brutal full weight jumping, full weight throat crushing, brutal cock and balls stomping, full weight head trample, extreme cock crushing, savage full weight cock trample, extreme c...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 08.11.2016

Tactic games 3
Every wvar has the strategies. Every battle has tactics. For the battle you need warriors. We got the site and girls' soldiers ready to fight against the enemy. Every clip is a battle where the girls always win. This time the warriors are Maddy, Meg ...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 06.11.2016

Trampling mit Converse aus den 80ern und aktuellen
Ein Fan hat mir 3 Paar Converse aus den 80ern geschickt - Originale, made in USA - und ich habe noch ein paar 1-2 Jahre alte Converse von mir dabei. Ich trample den Sklaven mit allen 4 Paaren nacheinander. Zuerst sind die orangenen High-Tops dran, da...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 06.11.2016

Lady Electra And Lady Nema - 'Girlfriends Have Fun' - EXTREME Trampling (Facestanding, Throatstanding
Gothic Princess Lady Electra invited her girlfriend, Young Amazon Nema for a private fetish party! They are using their slave as their toy for sadistic joy! Electra is a trampling specialist, she really has her special amazing style to trample the sl...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 05.11.2016

The extreme Miss Katarina savage barefoot face punishement
Savage face trample, extreme face mashing, savagUnder full weight face jumping, savage facebusting, extreme face stomping Under the sexy feet of our savage Russian modele Miss Katarina...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 03.11.2016

Two extreme Russians sis body demolition
Extreme back destruction sagage body busting, extreme jumping, extreme head crush under the boots of our two extreme Russians sis Miss Karina and the first time of her sis Miss Oulia...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 01.11.2016

Lady Anastasia - 'New World Order' - MERCILESS Trampling And Facestanding
Superbratty Anastasia believes in the New World Order: Women rule, men are slaves! 'Nobody is worthy to be my boyfriend, just maybe my slave, and he must try a lot!' says Anastasia! In her 18 years old, she loves to dominate older men and remind them...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 31.10.2016

Nasti and Yana - Two Crazy Girls
This is old video with Alex. Nasti and Yana is two crazy girls which likes make alot of pain to the slave. Why? Because it's fun! Today they take Alex and punish him, because his life is shit and music he listen is crap too. Nasti and Yana took off A...
Keywords: Trampling     Postet on: 31.10.2016